Mediation often resolves conflict better than litigation, and with substantially less emotional fallout. I founded Baltimore Mediation in 1993, knowing that people in conflict, given a safe and productive setting, jump at the opportunity for quality dialogue and internally-led breakthrough. A lawyer by background and a bridge-builder at heart, I had already begun pioneering the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Soon I began using and teaching the Enneagram, a reliable map for guiding relational awareness and staying neutral. Baltimore Mediation has been dedicated to the transformation of lives through teaching and mentoring for thousands of teachers, mental health practitioners, lawyers, non-profit leaders, healthcare policymakers, and business professionals, not to mention thousands upon thousands of parents! We’ve held contracts with federal and state government, Fortune 100 companies, and the Hopi Indian Tribe, among many others. If you find yourself in conflict or in crisis, Baltimore Mediation is at your service. I make an effort to personally mediate cases which come to us through the Being Relational website, so please be sure to mention it! To explore the possibilities of mediation, please reach out to us here.